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    Sridana Foods Tea remarkable journey in the world of tea underscores its dedication to delivering quality and flavor. As the second most cherished tea brand in Assam, it has garnered a loyal following for its robust and invigorating brew. Its dominance in the dust tea segment in Assam further cements its reputation as a top choice among tea enthusiasts.

    Sridana Foods Tea is a cornerstone for its unwavering commitment to providing pure and natural tea experiences. Its product lineup is a testament to versatility and customer satisfaction, offering the timeless Classic version for those seeking a reliable choice, Sridana Foods Tea Strong for those craving a bolder tea adventure, and the esteemed Tea Golden Leaf, celebrated for its exceptional taste and aromatic opulence.

    Whether you seek the comfort of a classic cup or the boldness of a strong brew, Sridana Foods Tea has something to offer every tea lover, making it a true icon in the world of tea.

    Original price was: ₹300.00.Current price is: ₹240.00.
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