• Sridana Foods Dry Matar


    Sridana Foods presents our dried hara matar – a simple and wholesome choice for your kitchen. We start by carefully selecting the freshest green peas, ensuring they’re picked at their prime. These peas are cleaned meticulously to remove any impurities.

    To lock in their natural goodness, we briefly blanch the peas in hot water, preserving their vibrant green color and essential nutrients. After this, we gently dry them under the sun, removing moisture and concentrating their flavors and nutrients.

    Once fully dried, our peas go through a rigorous sorting process to ensure only the best make it into our packaging, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

    The result is our premium dried hara matar, a versatile ingredient that can be easily rehydrated by soaking or used directly in your favorite recipes. Sridana Foods takes pride in bringing you the simplicity and wholesomeness of green peas, allowing you to enjoy their taste and nutrition year-round, in a convenient and sustainable form.


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